Gallery Artists

At the Geedon Gallery we show works by a wide range of artists and sculptors including:


Mara Amats
Charles Bartlett
Julian Bailey
Jeremy Barlow
Richard Bawden
Diana Calvert
Tom Coates
Janet Crosby
Fred Cuming
Gus Cummins
James Dodds
David Eustace
Judith Gardner
Margaret Glass
Christopher Hall
Julian Halsby
Ian Hay
Michael Heseltine
Tom Hiscocks
Ken Howard
Mary Jackson
Olwen Jones
Peter Kelly
Alistair Makinson
Elizabeth Morris
Susie Philips
Richard Pikesley
Salliann Putnam

Mark Rowbotham
Graham Rust
Susan Ryder
Maurice Sheppard
Alison Sloga
Michael Smee
Richard Sorrell
Ruth Stage
Jacqueline Taber
A Lincoln Taber
Adrian Taunton
Sheree Valentine-Daines


Gill Brown
Robin Caiger-Smith
Richard Chapman
Mark Coreth
Dido Crosby
Geoffrey Dashwood
John Doubleday
Nicola Henshawe
Josephine Harris
Lucy Kinsella
James Mabberly
Sophie MacCarthy
Judith Nichol
Cary Norman
Claire Norrington
Gill Parker
Greyson Perry
Peter Randall-Page
Enzo Plazzotta

Portrait Artists

Jill Carr
Robin Caiger-Smith
Mandy Dearsley (dog portraits)
John Doubleday

Alasdair Rennie
A Lincoln Taber
John Whittall

See our Portrait Centre for more information about our portrait artists